What does a Speech-Language Pathologist do?
Speech-language pathologists (SLP), can diagnose and treat communication disorders in people of all ages (birth-elderly). Communication disorders can be either a speech disorder (articulation, dysarthria, apraxia, fluency, voice, hearing, etc.) or a language disorder (receptive or hearing, expressive or speaking, aphasia, traumatic brain injuries, etc.) An SLP can work in a hospital setting, an educational setting, nursing homes, outpatient rehabilitation facilities, or own their own private practice. Most settings require SLPs to have earned their Master's degree.

As an SLP in an educational setting, I currently diagnose and treat children with speech and language disorders from birth-about age 7, and also a few elementary students in USC and St. Casimir's school. My caseload currently consists of about 45 students which involves treating each of them weekly as well as evaluating new referrals. Also, for the birth-3 population, I am going to homes for therapy and evaluations. I am a part of the Special Education staff in that I help children with special needs.

My contact information is 553-5810 and my email is .